Ted Knight OrchestraFlorida wedding music

Ted Knight's bands play music for Florida weddings. He works with couples to design custom mixes, from big band jazz and standards to pop, rock and blues. He writes his own arrangements, so song requests are never a problem. See song lists.

It's true live music, with real horns and no backing tracks. Hear demos. Knight Music is affordable throughout the Southeast thanks to Ted's network of musicians in key cities like Tampa and Jacksonville. See map. Click images to enlarge.

Horn section  Gainesville
From Louis Armstrong to Huey Lewis at Santa Fe River Ranch.
 Bride and groom Tampa
The World's Smallest Big Band at Palma Ceia Golf Club. 
Ted Knight Orchestra in Key West  Florida Keys
Bands in Key West and Key Largo. 
Knight Music Trio

Wedding Ceremonies in Boca Raton, Key Largo, Delray Beach, Gainesville and Ft. Myers.

St. Augustine
Eight-piece orchestra at the Casa Monica Hotel.
Pelican's Landing Bonita Springs
Nine pieces at a Gulf Coast country club.
sax Gulf Shores, Alabama
The World's Smallest Big Band at a waterfront home.
David Pate, tenor sax Sanibel Harbor Resort
Eight pieces for a minister's son and his bride.
sax section Big Band Weddings
With 16 pieces in Boca Raton and 19 pieces in Tampa.
the plane Jupiter
The World's Smallest Big Band at a private airstrip home.
Jen and Phillip Miami Beach
The World's Smallest Big Band plays for Ted's own daughter.
Marco Island Yacth Club Marco Island
The World's Smallest Big Band at a Gulf Coast yacht club.
DJ Weddings
In Jupiter, Palm Beach and Delray Beach.